Yea! You heard right!

“The annual ritual of legal gentlemen and judicial brethren conglomerating for academic, legal and socio-cum political tete- a-tete on the legal, political and social quagmires obfuscating legal practice, asphyxiating legal practitioners and militating against societal equilibrium viz a vis the temporal and permanent change romancing the political system which is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind like the Biblical Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin, has descended on …”

A chance meeting with the members of the Aba Bar in Lokoja Enroute Abuja. See more pictures below

A chance meeting with the members of the Aba Bar in Lokoja Enroute Abuja. See more pictures below

I was trying to speak like Hon. Patrick Obiaghagbon. I will be attending my first AGC and I cannot hide my joy.
The 2015 AGC is running on the theme “Lawyers and National Development” and the theme is apt considering the current political mood in the country following the change in government. The new government is anchored on the theme of “chanjii” (change) with clear emphasis on overcoming insecurity, corruption and plugging leakages in the system.

The achievement of these noble goals is impossible without the cooperation and assistance of the Bar! So Buhari needs us more than we need him! Yea every Lawyer should repeat that with pride! Buhari can only “kill corruption before it kills Nigeria” using the instrumentality of the law. The foundation which the NBA is founded on is strict adherence to the rule of law and we shall echo that louder with one voice in Abuja:

“To the law, we are all bound!”

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The Conference will feature lectures, dinners and sporting events. It will also serve as a great time for former classmates to meet again and ummmhhh! Don’t say I told you, singles get to hook up. In fact I heard one gist that many lawyer couples tie the knot after each AGC. There is also another side to the gist that many lawyers’ marriages/relationships crash after the AGC. So if you are married or hooked up already, the field is already covered. The Conference is barely a week. Don’t use a standby Generator when NEPA light will be restored in less than a week.
For the new wigs, never miss any of the lectures for all the cash in the Swiss vaults. It also provides a good avenue for networking. Hope you have extra cash at hand, there would be a lot of things to buy at rock bottom prices (conference prices).
The best part is that I will be there. Yea, Legal Fido will be there to feel the “pulse of the law”. We shall give updates on what is trending at the Conference. So join us here and follow us on Twitter or Facebook. You can give us a shout if you have something to say.IMG_20150822_163151

The Aba delegation storming Abuja! Lagos Bar better be on point!

The Aba delegation storming Abuja! Lagos Bar better be on point!

We will open the Conference by trending selfies. So send us your selfies either alone or with groups of friends at the ICC or with your conference materials. We shall publish them on our blog. You can also trend it on our Facebook page Legal Fido and Twitter handle @legalfido with the hashtag #MyAGC15

For Now Conference materials are already being shared. It was reported that commenced on Saturday at the NICON Luxury.
So get your groove on! The AGC 2015 is here! #MyAGC15 #OurAGC15

Abuja Welcomed me! Ready for the task ahead. #MyAGC15

Abuja Welcomed me! Ready for the task ahead. #MyAGC15

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