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2018 Career Game Plan For Lawyers Part 2

We continue with Part 2 our 2018 Career Game Plan series today by looking at legal productivity Apps and tools for Lawyers. If you haven’t read Part 1, please do and find out how to visualize a great career year and the right way to actively plan towards making it a reality.

Virtually everything you can think of has been taken to the clouds, well online, including legal practice. While there are ethical and cybersecurity issues that arise in taking legal practice online, our concern today are those legal apps and tools you can utilize to have a great legal career this year.Continue reading

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photo credits legalmarketingreader.com

photo credits legalmarketingreader.com

It’s a question I have asked myself. Legal practice and blogging (especially the freestyle blogging ) do they blend? Yea blogging is the in thing now but can they ever mix? I am young and restless. I came into legal practice with a lot of energy and passion! Smoking hot and blazing for the zenith, but was I disappointed or heartbroken? Nah! Surprised or maybe shocked should be the right word. Better still I was maniacally bewildered apologies to Hon. Patrick Obaighagbon.Continue reading

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IMG_20150824_093152My sister-in-law dropped me off at the ICC some minutes to 9 am on the 4th day of the conference. Security was still very tight with a combination of DSS, Mobile Police Officers, Soldiers and officers of the Civil Defence Corp manning the gates.

The security officers were however more friendly as they threw a cheerful hello to anyone who looked in their direction. As usual, bags were searched while delegates passed through metal detectors for bombs and other dangerous weapons.

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The advent of the 21st Century and the changes it brought about has virtually affected all facets of human existence including the practice of law. The world is now a global village, accessible via the click of a button. No innovation has affected human existence after the creation of nuclear technology like Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
All professions and professionals have taken advantage of the many benefits of the IT boom. Although known for its conservatism and slow response to change, legal practice has not been left behind by the fast moving IT train.

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