Web Hosting

In my post 20 Months of “Blogging & “Lawyering”, I had promised to publish a guide on how to purchase and set up a website. This post is a fulfillment of that promise. In an earlier post, “Lawyers, Why Blog”, I had enumerated the advantages of blogging and the benefits that comes from there. So whether you want to buy a website for business, law practice or your blog then  follow these steps and a new website will be yours in a jiffy. So here we go!

Before we begin, I want to do a full disclosure. For purchasing a website on Siteground through my referral links embedded in this post or other posts, I earn a commission from Siteground. So if you really wanna thank me for all the good things you got from my site for free or appreciate my efforts, don’t hesitate to click on my referral links on this post or other post. So just click here to purchase a website.

If you have decided to own your web hosted blog or a website for your law firm or business organisation, congratulations and just take the steps outlined below and in less than 20 minutes, you are the proud owner of your own website or website  hosted blog and hopefully, publishing your own first blog post.

First is to choose from the various hosting plans offered by my webhosting company Siteground. To access the various palns, click here. Choose the start up plan which has excellent features for beginners.

choose plan.png main

The second step is to choose or register a domain name. Note that domain names are free. You only pay for hosting with Siteground. If you are registering a new domain name, choose “Register a New Domain Name” and type in the preferred domain name for approval. If your domain is approved, then congrats but if not, choose another domain name until you get the approval.

However, if you already have a registered a domain name or you want to move your website to Siteground to enjoy all their services, then click on “I already have a Domain” and type in your domain name.

register account

Then choose your password. That is the password you want to use to access your website.


Then follow up by supplying your payment information as shown below. You can make payment with a Visa or Matercard ATM card. Indicate whether you are using a “Visa” or “Mastercard” in “Payment Method” box. Then type in the 16 digit number that appears in front of your ATM card in the “Card Number” section. The “Cardholder Name” box should be for your name as it appears on the ATM card, then fill in the expiration date as indicated on your ATM Card on the “Card Expiration” section.

Finally fill in your “CW Code” which is the 3 digit number behind your ATM card and besides the signature section.

payment details

Then supply your personal information to the “Contact Information” section. Remember the zip code for Nigeria is 110001. My readers from other countries should find out their country zip code and use same. Also prefix your phone number with your country code. Nigeria’s country code remains +234.

Capture.PNG info

Then the final step is to review and confirm your purchase information as shown in the box below. In the section denoted as “Extra Services”, unclick “Domain Privacy” and “HackAlert Monitoring” to make the total $47 and confirm you agreement with the Siteground terms of service. You can submit your order and bingo, you have purchased your own website.

purchase info.png main

To conclude, you will choose your software from a list of options as shown below and I will recommend “Wordpress”.

account set up 2.png main

Then go to your account setup wizard and indicate whether you are starting a new website or transferring an existing website as shown below.

activate account

Hmmm! Don’t sweat yet, it’s almost over! Proceed to the website preferences page and indicate your choice of what your website should be for. If its personal blog like mine, you can chose same. It could be for your law firm, so choose business or for an organization, then choose non-profit organization.

Capture.PNG account set up 1

Congratulations, you have your website hosted blog and your login details would be sent to you via email. You can log into your website account and post your first blog post.

If you encounter any difficulty, you can give me a shout via email on madukaonwukeme@gmail.com or over the phone/whatsapp via +2347037220605 and I will gladly be of help.