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Ever wondered why there are very few briefs coming to lawyers? There are so many threats to our jobs and incomes. They include but are not limited to the following:

TELECOMS LAW: Lawyers are expected to wait for the clients but these days, the Telecoms companies are taking law to the clients. Ever got the SMS offering legal tips for as low as N50 per SMS? Say messages like “get legal tips by sending legal to 222, SMS cost N50 per sms”. You would say how much is that but for Telecoms companies with millions of subscribers, it’s a lot of money. Majority of Nigerians also Continue reading

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“Practice is hell” Ikem (not real name) answered with a straight gaze. “You won’t believe I earn just N30, 000. 00 monthly”, he continued as sweat formed on his brow. Dabbing his brow with a white handkerchief, he announced “my uncle is helping me out with one civil service job sha and once that clicks, am off this hell called practice, you diehards can continue with it”.

“How is practice”, is the usual question amongst new wigs who were mates at the University or the Law School. Save for the lucky few who work in well paying firms, majority have tales of woes over poor pay and working conditions.
Ikem was my classmate in the Law School and had been so enthusiastic about practicing law that he bought his wig and gown before the release of the Bar Finals result.

“Can you believe that of all my siblings, am the only one who is still being supported by my parents despite the fact that I spent the longest period of time in school and my training was the most expensive?”
“I work from 8 am till whenever my Boss leaves the office which is usually at 9 pm on weekdays and from 1 pm to 6 pm on weekends. The cost of transporting myself to the office everyday takes half of my pay and we are just two lawyers besides my principal and his secretary who doubles as the receptionist. We have no litigation officers so we prepare, file and serve court processes and letters ourselves. At the end of every day, am so overworked and stressed out that all I do is to eat and sleep off after I get home and wake up early the next working day for another stressful day. I only have a little reprieve on weekends and during the period of court vacations.”Continue reading



Despite the courts declaring the ridiculous offence of wandering as being inconsistent with the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of movement, the Nigerian Police never stopped its sweeping arrest of people for “wandering and loitering” for extortion of “bail money”.

So it was an incredible story when goats not humans became the arrested “wanderers”. It was a media storm. Then a colleague had argued with me that it was impossible till he saw the news (seeing is believing).Continue reading

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photocredit: www.sgglit.com

photocredit: www.sgglit.com

My steps were confident as I stepped out of the gate for the day’s lawyer’s hustle. Dressed in black suit over my lawyer’s collarless white shirt and in my two hands were my work bag containing my case file, books and stationeries and in the other bag my wig and gown. It had rained all night so I had to navigate through muddy stagnant puddles that dotted the road that led out to the junction where I entered a Keke Marwa to Orile Bus Stop, a famous Lagos suburb from where I could get a bus to Lagos Island.Continue reading



It was not a scene from one of the comic Nollywood flicks. The report which was first published in the Vanguard newspaper of Friday, January 23, 2009 captioned “Police Parade Goat as Robbery Suspect”, with a picture of the goat, had caused a sensation around the world.
The Nigerian Police Force, legendary for inefficiency, corruption and brutality added another epithet; banality. From the report in the Vanguard, written by Demola Akinyemi, the Kwara State Police Command had on Thursday, Janauary 22, 2009 shocked journalists when it paraded a goat as a robbery suspect.Continue reading

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Nigeria has been declared Ebola free but the mental scars the Ebola outbreak had left on our psyche is yet to be erased. It was therefore no surprise when the story of the medical doctor who had survived the dreaded disease was widely read on major newspapers and blogs in Nigeria and averaged the highest views in many news websites.
Dr. Ada Igonoh who contracted Ebola from Patrick sawyer, the Liberian-American (the index case) survived alongside eight others in what had been called a medical miracle as Ebola kills nearly 90% of those infected.Continue reading

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