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It’s a question I have asked myself. Legal practice and blogging (especially the freestyle blogging ) do they blend? Yea blogging is the in thing now but can they ever mix? I am young and restless. I came into legal practice with a lot of energy and passion! Smoking hot and blazing for the zenith, but was I disappointed or heartbroken? Nah! Surprised or maybe shocked should be the right word. Better still I was maniacally bewildered apologies to Hon. Patrick Obaighagbon.

  Like I said in a famous post on Facebook that never got a 100 likes “half of the things you were taught in the university are irrelevant, out of use or just wrong”. Well nobody “likes” the truth, not even on Facebook.  So like other graduates of other courses from Nigerian universities, I was a victim of being schooled under an outdated curriculum that was neither in tune with present realities nor prepared students for the future.

Law school was meant to do that though but Law School was too short. So we enter into the legal world and meet a whole new world. We were trained into litigation robots when litigation is no longer the fad. Besides those who get jobs in the ivy league firm, the shock of being offered as low as N 15, 000. 00 ($75) as wages leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Well many seniors have stopped paying. They say you are learning and ought to be paying (Ole).

The pay is the least of your problem. The legal system is a confusing maze and is hell bent on frustrating you. The Police who ought to be partners are the new wigs greatest obstacle (they fear seniors though).  There is also the demeaning world of ambulance chasing. It’s tempting but then, the stigma is an issue no one wants to bear.

Another shocking aspect of the legal world is that the path to success has shifted from the core aspects of legal practice to the “peripheries”. A single property transaction can earn one in a day what 4 years of litigation can bring one. What skill or experience is needed to alienate property? Not very complex compared to litigation.

The unconventional lawyers are the new kings of the profession. The practice of law is catching up with the world as the world has completely changed. Was it not Lord Denning who said, “God forbid that the world changes but the law remains static?”

Legal practice cannot remain as it was in the era when apples and black berries were mere fruits, the clouds remained in the sky or to be gay meant to be happy.

Legal practice has entered the information age and that is why blogging matters. The ICT boom has made the world smaller, a village albeit a global one without entry and exit barriers.

An online presence is needed by all lawyers to tap into the benefits of the world’s information super high way. A social media presence is not enough. Did you just say you have an email? Emails are not enough. You need to show the world the power of your ideas, the wonders of your thoughts and the strength of your abilities.

You need a blog. Yea a website hosted blog. Get a domain and pay for web hosting, it will do you a lot of good. Your blog is your office online. It’s the repository of all there should be about you.

Those ideas dancing skelewu in your head will serve you better if you do a nice draft on it and put on your blog. The experience you share with friends and colleagues on legal issues could land you more clients if you do a nice draft and it’s exposed to more people on your blog.

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Your contributions to those arguments on social media on the legality of any government policy could boost your ratings if well articulated and posted to your blog.

Are you specialised in one area of practice? Why not put down your experience in that area in a blog dedicated to that. A client who searches on Google for   say “child custody in Nigeria” and sees a blog dedicated to just issues of custody will no doubt contact the expert who runs the blog to handle his/her matter.

My experiences with the police which are well chronicled on my blog and have brought me lots of trouble. I can’t recall the number of phone calls and emails I have received from people with police cases. I just wished  I had been blogging on oil and gas issues, na oil company things I for dey run now, Lol!

Specialized blogs would not only be beneficial to clients but also lawyers. You can develop your ideas into a book which you can sell online via your blog, land speaking gigs, land invitations to contribute to journals on that subject … the list is endless.

I have received emails and gifts from people due to my works on my blogs. People have sent me E-books, am set to get paid for adverts on my blog and I also do affiliate marketing for some products through my blog and get paid. The benefits are endless.

You need to start a blog today. Every lawyer needs a webhosted blog with his own domain name and not a WordPress hosted blog. It’s very easy to purchase and set up a website and boom you are getting all the benefits I enumerated. If you have a WordPress hosted blog, you can move to a website hosted blog.

Siteground my webhost company which has served me is offering webhosting service for $47. 40 with free domain names. That is roughly N9, 431. 18. With that amount in your account that has a Visa or Master Card ATM card, you can purchase that. You will only pay a little commission

The good news is that Siteground offers you a 1 month money back guarantee and if within a month, you are not satisfied with the services rendered, you can ask for a refund of your money and you will be refunded.

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