The biggest challenge that many new wigs face in the early years of their career is the issue of lean purses. I mean everyone knows that at that stage most new wigs are broke arse nigaas many of who still depend on family support to help them learn the ropes in their career.

No one trusts you enough to give you any big brief to do on your own considering the fact that you’re a green horn. So you just have to make do with the crumbs called briefs you can get at that stage and the little income you make monthly.

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Save for the few Ivy League firms that pay new wigs very comfortable wage, the rest pay very little or sometimes no wage at all. Some Shylock minded seniors would defend such practice by asking new wigs to concentrate on learning instead of the pay as if junior lawyers have no bills to pay.

Well I have not come to lament the very poor pay and exploitation new wigs are subjected to. I did that in one of my earliest blog posts, titled “Practice is Hell”, Feeling the Pulse of New Wigs. You gotta read that.

This post is a solution to the problem. However, I must sound a warning.


This post is not any of those “how to become a millionaire” post. There are many of such scams online you can read. This post is just a simple guide of how you can make extra income by the side while you learn the practice of law during pupillage. They are practical things you can do that would not affect your job or practice but would rather complement them and give you “extra income” (not millions) to augment whatever you make.

Compere  Events

Who would be a master of ceremony better than a lawyer who is trained in the art of advocacy and addresses a court for a living daily? I recall way back in the university when I compered events in church or friends birthday parties and the accolades would pour in after such shows. I mean I never earned more than that or the smiles and admiration from the ladies (believe me that came aplenty). So what happened after I became a lawyer? I felt just the same way you feel now, that a lawyer was too big for such.

Good news is that you can compere at events over the weekends or evenings and you can do that with a touch of class and smile to the bank for doing nothing but have fun. A lawyer handling the mic will definitely get the audience asking for more. Believe me if you do that very well, you can make more money from your compering job than you make from practice at this stage.

In fact your popularity grows and that means more clients for your practice. Good news is that most social events are held over the weekends or evenings of working days so it won’t affect your job. Remember handle the mic like a pen and that gives you class.

Write a Book

Don’t shout! I mean you can do it. As law students we all wrote manuscripts we wanted to publish. OK, lemme rephrase it! As law students, most of us wrote books we never published. Many did publish, so why can’t we write now and publish them. In today’s world, E-publishing is the way to go and has helped many young authors publish and market their works through various online platforms.

So what are you waiting for? I mean those your stories, novels and poetry manuscripts could fetch you extra income and you need not spend much to publish or sell them if you self publish. You can also write on legal topics or emerging areas of law from your research in the university and early period in practice. Your LLB long essay or project could form a manuscript for a book. I mean think about it. I guess by now you are asking yourself  “why didn’t I think of all these earlier?”

Well I am still gonna do a post on how to write, publish and market your books online. So keep a date.

 Start a Blog

Yea Blogging and “lawyering” blend very well. A lawyer reads and writes all his life. Your blog can be an avenue for people to read your thoughts and your works. If you have a burning passion over a cause or something, then blog about it. As a lawyer, you have an edge over others since you read and research every day. You will neither lack topics to write on nor the ability to put it down.

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What about areas of law you have become an expert in due to repeated engagements in them? You can blog on your experience so that members of the public and your colleagues can learn from them. That could fetch you more briefs. You must not blog on law or law related topics, just blog on whatever fuels your passion.
How do you make extra income from blogging? You can use your website as platform for making sales and for adverts. However, you need to build traffic. Not to worry, I am set to start a blogging course for lawyers to teach you for free how to blog and make extra income from blogging.

Folks I gotta run along at this point cos I have deadlines to meet. Encourage me to post the concluding part of this post with more tips on how to increase your income without hassle by commenting on the post and sharing it on all social media platforms. Just 200 comments and 200 shares! Am waiting!

Postscript: Contributions are welcomed from other readers of the blog on their experience as either  lawyers, law students or other members of the society on their experiences with or views about lawyers. Peace.

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