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Today, we continue with the concluding part of our post “How to Make Extra Income as a New Wig”. You can read part 1 here. Happy reading.

Edit books/Manuscripts

I have lost count of the number of times I had to do that for people and folks get to edit my works too. Essays, blog posts, books academic writings. I am thinking of charging fees because I really spend time to do that especially editing books, manuscripts and even business proposals. I have had cause to even help out with some research and improvements on the work. That takes my time. I mean, if everyone thinks am good editing at their work, then they should pay for it. If you are just like me, it’s “money for hand, back for ground things” from now on. No dulling abeg!

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Edit Law Reports

Many law report publishers engage young lawyers to for the task of editing law reports after which they are paid stipends based on the number of judgments edited for publication. In fact many new publishers would engage lots of new wigs to help with the editing of the backlog of old judgments. You can help out with that and the good news is that you read and learn about legal principles which will come in handy someday and get paid as well.

Speaking Engagements

You can land speaking engagements and gigs. You can be a seminar speaker especially on legal issues and topics in churches, clubs and association. You can receive stipends for your job and also land clients from members of the audience who need the services of a lawyer in that area of law you addressed them. Usually, churches organise seminars on the legal implication of marriages or even drafting a will. I have addressed some musicians though in an informal setting on the imperatives of having their recording contracts vetted by a lawyer. One of them gave me his recording contract to review.

You can address traders on issues of business registration or taxation. So meet your friends who are members of such organisations and ask for a short period to address the organisation on any legal issues that affect their members. Even if you don’t get paid, you will land clients.

Writing Competitions

Enter for writing competitions. There are many writing competitions you can send in your entries for. Many are based on law and come with mouth watering cash prizes. I used to publish notices of such essay competitions and would resume publication of same soon. However, winning essay competitions takes time and patience. You also need consistency which I must confess is not very easy considering the workload in practice, especially for new wigs. However, the benefits of winning competitions are numerous either on the short term or long term.

Freelance Writing

You can also be a freelance writer writing contributions for online websites and magazines for a fee. There are many websites that accept legal publications for a fee too. You can seek them out and write for them too. You could be given topics to write on or selected areas you could write any topic on or better still you are at liberty to choose either the area or topic to write on.


You can be a lecturer. Most private universities and tertiary institutions usually employ young lawyers as part time lecturers to teach their students some law courses. For example many technical colleges employ lawyers on part time to teach construction law. I have a friend who teaches aviation law and maritime law on part time basis in an aviation school. So look around for such institutions and apply for such jobs. You would most likely get the job since most of them cannot afford to pay a full time law lecturer. You only lecture for a few times in a week and get your pay while you practice law the other days of the week.

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So folks, take one or more of these steps to grow your income while you learn in your pupilage years. Remember delayed gratification is one aspect of legal practice. Money will flood in after you learn the ropes but in the meantime, ensure you have enough cash now to meet your immediate needs so you are not discouraged or frustrated out of learning the ropes.

Xie xie!

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Postscript: Contributions are welcomed from other readers of the blog on their experience as either  lawyers, law students or other members of the society on their experiences with or views about lawyers. Peace.

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