#1Tight Security
There was presence of security officials but not as much as that of Day 4. Though the Vice President was around, security was relaxed around the venue. Thorough searches were conducted for dangerous weapons and people without tags turned away except they have any evidence to identify themselves as delegates such as tellers or receipts of payments. Handwritten name tags were also used.

Security checks

Security checks


#2 Oh! Law Pavillion
Law Pavillion continued its blunders for the 3rd day running. It has clearly shown its incompetence in its tasks. However, they offered free wifi services to people. Somebody needs to explain to lawyers why Law Pavillion was used. Someone owes us that explanation. Like many others, I don’t have any conference materials yet.
Confusion continues with respect to distribution of conference materials.

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#3 The Laymen Who Wowed Us
Two of the panellists were not lawyers and claimed not have attended any law class in their lives but wowed the audience with their scholarly erudition and presentation of points. Rev.Fr. George Ehusani and Hajia Saudatu Mahdi kept the audience begging for more. Fr. George literally resurrected Justice Oputa during the session.

#4 Oputa Resurrects
Yea! He came alive. Fr. George quoted his erudite and apt dictums which fitted the moment to drive home his points.

“In the corridors of justice there are no sirens of power and wealth”.
“The bench is not a good place to make money, if that’s the reason for your aspiration to the bench, then remain in private practice”.

He gingered lawyers with the words of Oputa raising thunderous applauses form the audience.

#5 What do Women Want?

After Hajia Mahdi rained down her fury on the Bar especially male lawyers for non-action against domestic violence and protection of women, a delegate made an observation.

He remarked that all the professional associations had a parallel association for women but none for males. He cited examples such as: The ministry for women affairs, the Association for female Journalists, The International Federation for Female Lawyers, etc. None of these provided for their male counterpart. He asked that if the tables were to be turned, would the women give men half of the privileges that men extend to them?
Finally, he said many men are also being held hostage by women.

#6 Olisa Agbakogba SAN in the Building!
He chaired the session and commended the scholarship and academic erudition of the panellists. He remarked that if he had the powers, he would have conferred well deserved honorary law degrees on Fr.Ehusani and Hajia Mahdi.

#7 Rivers State Lawyers V. Rotimi Amaechi
Lawyers from Rivers State invaded one of the sessions co-chaired by Rotimi Amaechi and nearly disrupted the events. The lawyers who were protesting the shutting down of the courts for over a year in Rivers State, it was alleged were mobilised by the Rivers NBA to deal with Amaechi. It took the intervention of the NBA President to calm them down. The event continued.

#8 Amaechi and the PDP Lawyers
Rotimi Amaechi who looked unperturbed by the harsh reception he received had in his remarks said if the PDP lawyers continue to abuse him, he would invite APC lawyers to fight on his behalf. This nearly set up another round of heckling but he managed to make a light joke out of the comment and the event continued peacefully.

#9 We Caught a Thief
A young man came into the ICC, dressed in white and black and even had a tag on. However, his aim was to steal phones and was caught after he picked up some mobile gadgets. Six phones were recovered from him. How he beat the heavy security cordon to gain access into the ICC but was caught by eagled eyed lawyers as he carried out his craft, is still baffling. He was nearly lynched before he was whisked away by security operatives.

#11 what women really want
Hajia Mahdi gave an answer and said women wanted to be treated fairly like humans by the males. She further attacked patriarchy and the attitude it has created in the society asking why a man can leave the house and go and eat in a restaurant when there is no food at home without taking the woman along but a woman would be vilified if she does the same thing.

#12 Pro-bono Services
This really drew a hornet nest after it was raised by Hajia Mahdi and Fr. Ehusani. A young Lawyer had asked how young lawyers with very poor pay and heavy societal expectations can do cases pro bono. Referring to Fr. Ekusani’s remark that lawyers should like medical doctors put service first before pay, she queried the pay disparity between doctors and lawyers who are social doctors in their own rights. “I was earning N10, 000. 00 during my NYSC while doctors of the same status were earning over N100, 000. 00”, she said.
She asked that government pay stipends to junior lawyers to help them engage in pro-bono matters.

#14 We Partied All Night
Yea! The dancing never stopped. OCJ Okocha SAN was at his best as usual. I managed to challenge him but won’t tell you how he beat me hands down on the dance floor. Hope to get my revenge in court one day. Our selfie together is enough to show how good the time we shared on the dance floor was.

OCJ and I rocking the dance floor

OCJ and I rocking the dance floor

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#16 Olanipekun SAN too
Besides Election Petition matters, Please don’t try Wole Olanipekun SAN on the dance floor. A word is enough for the wise. We also shared a good time wriggling it out on the dance floor. Alegeh and I battled on the dance floor and he ran away with another victory. 3 defeats in one night made me throw in the towel.




Alegeh SAN and I

Alegeh SAN and I

With Wole Olanipekun SAN

With Wole Olanipekun SAN

#18 Love is in the Air
Yea! Delegates are pairing up. Hope whatever relationships that starts from Abuja does not end in Abuja. No further particulars abeg! Na this kain gist dey sweet una pass! Dirty minded people!

#19 Warri Don Carry Last! Aba Don Fall Hand!
Warri crashed out of the football competition following a defeat by the Abuja Bar. Warri really carry last this time as they were beaten 5 nil by the Abuja branch. Hope they are not flogged by militants for falling waifi hand and swag! Aba was pounded 3 nil by Owerri. Chai Owerri Bar, diaris God oh! 1 nil is enough nah considering the fact that you are neighbours. What happens to the Biblical injunction to love your neighbour as yourself?

#20 Somebody Sue Airtel and MTN
I could not work on my blog due to the poor internet service delivered by these network providers on both my phone and laptop. I hope the service gets better.

Anyway. That’s the end of Day 4 in numbers. Please 100 shares of this post on social media and 100 comments on the post will open up Day 5 reports. Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul and only your comments and sharing my posts will encourage me.

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