A Horrible Start

I had dashed out of my nephew’s after dedication party to the International Conference Centre (ICC) for the day’s business. I got there some few minutes after 1 pm and was denied entry by stern looking security operatives for not having a conference tag.

I was directed to the NICON luxury just behind the ICC to get the tag alongside my conference materials. The connecting way from the ICC to NICON had been sealed off due to “Presidential Movements” so I had to do the long journey to NICON.

The Madness @ NICON

Yea it was chaotic! Distribution of conference materials was a total disaster. I was shocked to see a huge crowd pushing and shoving for materials. Law Pavillion, the firm charged with the job of registration of delegates and logistics destroyed any corporate image they had before delegates by their shoddy handling of the distribution of conference materials.

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I left NICON with only a tag and no bag. I managed to get a tag miraculously but many were not so lucky. Enquiries made to the Law Pavillion staff were rudely rebuffed. In fact, a lady threatened to unleash the DSS officials on me if I didn’t stop bothering her with my questions.

Chaos in NICON

Chaos in NICON

I no talk sha! Make Law pavilion send me any silly mail advertising their products, na that time kasala go burst! Guess all Delegates feel nothing but disgusts for Law Perversion abi Pavillion!


Confudion @ NICON

Confusion @ NICON

Opening Ceremony

Got to the opening Ceremony about an hour late. I missed the NBA President’s inaugural address but was lucky to have met the Chief Judge and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya Dr. Willy Munyoki Mutunga delivering the keynote address.

A very insightful one which dealt with the challenges faced by the Kenyan Judiciary and ongoing reforms to reposition the Kenyan Judiciary.

What I loved most was his Lordship’s remarks on the evolution of the British styled Kenyan Judiciary to a full Kenyan Judiciary alive to the aspirations and yearnings of Kenyans.

He cited the example of the abolition of the title “Lord” and its replacement with “Your Honour” in line with the wishes of the people that it offends religious sensibilities. His very erudite speech touched on stamping out corruption and gender equality in the Judiciary.

On gender equality, I was swollen headed when the CJ of Kenya cited Lagos State Judiciary as an example of what the Kenyan bench ought to be like.

On stamping out corruption, “his Honour” said the bar and bench are Siamese twins joined at the hip in the administration of justice and the bar should do more to expose corrupt or erring judges for sanctions.
His Honour was at the top of his game and wit as he remarked that a sore litigant who lost a case had referred to him as the “Chief-Injustice”, (lol).

My Kenyan Readers, all I can say is that your CJ really rocks!

And it was Buhari in the Building!

Yea, he was there with the Vice-President and declared the conference open after the CJ’s keynote address. PMB set the building into frenzy as he walked up to the stage in a presidential swagger the Nigerian Presidency lost for over 8 years.

Buhari Talked Tough!

Yea the fight against corruption dominated his speech. I said earlier in my post “the 2015 NBA Annual General Conference (AGC) Commences!”, Buhari needs us more than we need him. He declared;

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“We must make our courts effective again”



Buhari @ AGC

He therefore appealed to lawyers to help make the courts functional once again. In between his address he said the following:

“We need lawyers who will uphold the ethics of the legal profession and not frustrate the cause of justice while defending their clients”

“Our courts are too slow, our regulatory systems are not effective. Lawyers have a great role to play. Lawyers are needed in our quest for change”.

Buhari Defines Human Rights Violation!

“Lawyers should see corruptions in its true colours. It hinders human rights which you stand for. Corruption has led to massive unemployment, lack of access to portable water, deprivation of pensions of retirees and diversion of resources meant for people’s welfare …
In my view, there is no greater violation of human rights …”

That got me thinking! “ thought stealing is not corruption?” Chanji (change) is really here.

PMB made us Proud!

“I appreciate the role of the NBA in the last general elections. Through your efforts and that of others, Nigerians were able to give effect to the change they desired. The nation is indebted to you”.

At this point I was screaming Sai Baba in my head! With the formal declaration of the Conference open by PMB, the national anthem was taken and …. the event ended?
Am I forgetting something!

Yea the Very Short Cocktail!

The President declared that open by 8pm and we all had some drinks at the Peace Park behind the ICC. Delegates were treated to a live band performance. The Band we were told will perform every night till the end of the Conference. Delegates were saving the last dance for the Concert with P-square at the ICC.IMG_20150823_202047


P-Square Dropped it Like it’s Hot

The Twins were at their best as they wowed us. Chai! Lawyers too like groove. Even the NBA president was rocking.
Chief OCJ Okocha who was the Chairman of the Body of Benchers when I was called to the Bar was in groove haven as he wowed the young females with his dance steps. He was in his Ikwerre traditional dress with a walking stick but the walking stick was useless as Okocha’s feet rocked the dance floor.



We danced and danced to Psquare’s unending musical bliss till very late. How come time flies when you are having fun.
If “No one like you” set the building on fire, then “Collabo” brought the roof down. If “Beautiful Onyinye made us question what life would have been without good music, then “Alingo” got us barking like a Bingo!

Managed to hitch a ride to get home around past 10 pm. My 1st day at the AGC and the 3rd day of the event started very badly but ended well. Will be there early on Monday 24th August, 2015 to get the rest of my Conference materials.
Read the rest of the Day 3 stories in numbers here. Make I sleep abeg!



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