#1 Presidential Movement

Security at the ICC was so tight. A combination of DSS, Police, Army and Civil Defence Officers manned all areas surrounding the vicinity of the ICC. The arrival of State House Security Operatives tightened the security leash. I was denied entry at first. “We cannot afford a security breach” the State House Security Operative told me. The connecting gate from the ICC to NICON was sealed and thus we had to do almost a 60 degrees walk to NICON. However, the security operatives were very civil. Despite that, fear no gree me take pictures of them oh.

#2 Law Pavillion or Perversion

Law perversion is a better sobriquet. I wonder how a company that provides legal services to lawyers would mishandle a task like registration and logistics for the AGC. The AGC Local Organising Committee (LOC) clearly bungled this crucial aspect of the conference
LOC bungled, Law Pavillion perverted. We hope Day 4 will be better with registration and logistics.

#3Sai Baba!

Buhari got a standing ovation from lawyers before and after his speech and “sai Baba!” rent the air! No doubt Lawyers are behind Buhari. His anti-corruption posture is not changing anytime soon. If Buhari said 20 words, 15 words would be on fighting corruption. Not a very good news for the corrupt.Alegeh, Osinbanjo and Buhari Hope our courts are flooded with corruption trials. It’s to our gain. A lawyer will prosecute and another lawyer will defend. Am dusting up my criminal litigations skills! Corruption trials will replace election petition cases as the new money spinner.

#4 Osinbanjo in the Building

Yea he was with PMB who paid him glowing tribute. Nigeria’s first Vice-President (next President hopefully) who is a lawyer, attending as a senior and an eminent member of the Bar. I hope he addresses the AGC someday as the President of Nigeria. We have to catch up with America’s record of 26 lawyers out of 44 Presidents that have ruled America. Osibanjo holds the ace for us.

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#5 Short Cocktail
The cocktail was very short and the drinks were not enough. Was glad it ended fat since I didn’t have a date. Nice music.The Presidential Cocktail table was the place to be. The Pictures below say it all.



#6 RMD in the Building

The veteran thespian was at his best as he compeered the event. Graciously obliged my

request for a photo!IMG_20150823_205220

#7 P-Square’s Attempted Crimes Against Humanity
You only need to see what P-Square can do on stage in order to agree with me that those boys attempt to break up last year was as good as an attempt to commit crimes against humanity. P-Square should be “nationalised” if possible to make them not ever think of that again. PMB and National Assembly take note.

#8 P-square’s Chop My Money
Unfortunately, the month will end after the AGC winds up on 28th August, 2015. Salaries will come after the AGC so I wonder what money the ladies will chop. Pitied them as they sang “chop my money” with expectations. One was singing it and pointing at me. I pick serious race.

 #9Tony Alegeh Could not Stop Rocking!
Chai! I wonder if I met different lawyers as a student that made me so stiff. Watching Tony Alegeh SAN do his thing made me act a bit “illegal”. IMG_20150823_205622Was grooving soon and doing my thing on the dance floor. The girls really loved Mr. President. They couldn’t get enough of him.

#10 Chief OCJ Okocha too!
Another notable mention. He wowed us to no end with his dance steps. Me sef try sha! I wowed everyone. You can ask ….

#11 Football Matters!
On that! Reports reaching us is that the Aba branch gained 3 points and 3 goals after a walk over of the Ibadan branch. The latter failed to show up for their match with the Aba branch on Sunday at the old parade ground. The Aba warriors will face Owerri branch next.

We also heard that the Warri branch defeated the Kaduna branch by 2 goals to 1. Waifi no dey carry last!
We shall bring you more updates!

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