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A good CV is the one that gets you an invitation to a job test or interview! The best CV gets you the job. A CV is like an advert, and like the advert practitioners would say, “a good ad is the one that sells”. A CV that can’t fetch you at least an invitation for a job interview is like they say in local parlance, serious bad market.

Forget about your grades! The CV should at least get you an invitation to the interview or an enquiry from the employers on your grades. The CV like an advert sells your good qualities which should be more than enough to cover whatever deficiencies you may have in your grades.

If you are not being invited for interviews, then you might need to amend your CV and resend them to firms. We were all taught how to draw up CVs at the Law School but then most of what you were taught in the university and the Law School are either irrelevant, out of use or inapplicable to modern day life.

The main guide to drafting the perfect resume is brevity. Keep it short. #short #brief. A CV says who you are and compressing everything about you in a page or two is quite difficult but possible.

Why you might ask? Well, recruiters get many CVs daily and it’s possible your CV will get less than 6 seconds glance before it is stored away or trashed. So keep it so brief that a lot could be seen about you under the 6 seconds of observation. 6 seconds is a very short time but long enough to get you noticed and given more perusal if your CV jams real good! The secret of “cooking” good CVs is about to be revealed. This is the recipe.


Your personal data should contain very basic information like your name, address and email address and phone numbers. Any other information is a waste of space and time of the reader of the resume. Avoid unnecessary details like your sex, Local Government Area (LGA), state of origin and religion etc. I mean who writes all those these days!
Furthermore, your personal info should be drafted in the form of a header to your CV to save space.

Capture NAME 1

Called career objectives many a time, it’s a concise statement of the career principles, goals and values of the applicant. Be very creative and outstanding in your statements. Brevity counts! Need a clue? Nah! Ain’t giving you! Think up something original. Originality matters!

Ok! Lemme change my mind! Take a peep below!

Capture MIS 1

Capture MIS2


 That’s the spice! Institutions attended, dates of attendance and qualifications obtained in that order. Commence with your highest qualification in the field of law to the least in either law or other fields. Avoid including your pre-primary and primary school qualifications. They are just unnecessary space and time wasters.

Capture EDU 1


To further save space, it could be drafted in a tabular format.

Capture EDU 2

Then remember what you obtained at the Nigerian Law school was not an LL.B but a Body of Benchers Qualifying Certificate and your certificate of call to the Bar. Is it too long? No worries, a shorter way of writing it is “Call to Bar Certificate/Qualifying Certificate”. “Sexier that way”, I can hear you say.

Here list the certifications you have obtained either in the fields of law or in other fields. Certifications in areas of law like ADR will serve. Certification in IT and leadership trainings etc. Also add your affiliations to legal bodies and associations.

What are your areas of strength? Are you a litigation robot, a corporate law guru or negotiation expert? How is your speaking and writing skills or clarity of thought either in speech or in writing? Can you speak more than one language? Are you a team player or have leadership qualities?

Your CV advertises you so put in your best qualities! Package yourself! Create a brand and be a blast!

That’s the bomb! Are you shocked? For a new wig you will ask how that would be possible. That is where those who had interned as undergraduates in their undergraduate days have an edge. Experience gained from internship can serve here. If you are still an undergraduate don’t neglect internship during your holidays. Read more about internships here.

If you missed out on undergraduate internship, then the Law School’s Court and Law office attachment could come in handy. If you are privileged to have held other employments, state that too. State the names of your previous employers and the skill garnered from each place of employment. Loads of previous employers without stating relevant skills gathered are not useful for any employer.

Take a peep from mine!

Capture EXPP1

Capture EXPP2Capture EXPP3

Sorry folks we shall be applying the brakes here for part 1 of this CV writing course. Part 2 shall come up shortly! In fact 2, 000 shares of this post on all social media platforms and 200 comments will unlock the concluding episode of this post.

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