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2018 Career Game Plan For Lawyers Part 2

We continue with Part 2 our 2018 Career Game Plan series today by looking at legal productivity Apps and tools for Lawyers. If you haven’t read Part 1, please do and find out how to visualize a great career year and the right way to actively plan towards making it a reality.

Virtually everything you can think of has been taken to the clouds, well online, including legal practice. While there are ethical and cybersecurity issues that arise in taking legal practice online, our concern today are those legal apps and tools you can utilize to have a great legal career this year.Continue reading

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2018 Career Game Plan for Lawyers Part 1

The ‘new‘ year is already almost two weeks ‘old’. I’m sure by now (hopefully) your career as a lawyer is already in full throttle for 2018. If you’ve taken the time to answer the questions in our Career Audit 2017 Edition, you’ll be in a better frame of mind to map out your career game plans for 2018. If you haven’t, please read it here and do your career a favour by going through the audit first.

So we successfully address all related issues, I’ll be making the Career Game Plan a series of three parts. Let’s begin with something I wrote down while bored in court one day. Remember to raise your right hand ☺Continue reading

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Career Success Path

It is only through detailed reviews you can know your career’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). What better time of the year for that than end of the year?

I call it a Career Audit as this is not one of those box-ticking reviews firms give their employees once a year (usually after dishing out the Christmas bonus).Continue reading

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Hmmmm! How time flies! In November 2014, history was made as I began what was Nigeria’s first website hosted blog on law and legal practice. My niche was also novel. The first law blog dedicated to young lawyers and new wigs to ease the challenges of their early post call years and share their experiences.Continue reading

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Judges are bound by the rules of impartiality and can neither descend into the arena of conflict nor should be seen leaning either by words or conducts in favour of any party during court proceedings. The court can only give courtroom advocacy hints and it is for the smart alecs to understand what the court is hinting at. Below are some hints and subtle insults and their meanings.

Continue reading

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The advent of the 21st Century and the changes it brought about has virtually affected all facets of human existence including the practice of law. The world is now a global village, accessible via the click of a button. No innovation has affected human existence after the creation of nuclear technology like Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
All professions and professionals have taken advantage of the many benefits of the IT boom. Although known for its conservatism and slow response to change, legal practice has not been left behind by the fast moving IT train.

Continue reading

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Ever wondered why there are very few briefs coming to lawyers? There are so many threats to our jobs and incomes. They include but are not limited to the following:

TELECOMS LAW: Lawyers are expected to wait for the clients but these days, the Telecoms companies are taking law to the clients. Ever got the SMS offering legal tips for as low as N50 per SMS? Say messages like “get legal tips by sending legal to 222, SMS cost N50 per sms”. You would say how much is that but for Telecoms companies with millions of subscribers, it’s a lot of money. Majority of Nigerians also Continue reading

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Nigeria has been declared Ebola free but the mental scars the Ebola outbreak had left on our psyche is yet to be erased. It was therefore no surprise when the story of the medical doctor who had survived the dreaded disease was widely read on major newspapers and blogs in Nigeria and averaged the highest views in many news websites.
Dr. Ada Igonoh who contracted Ebola from Patrick sawyer, the Liberian-American (the index case) survived alongside eight others in what had been called a medical miracle as Ebola kills nearly 90% of those infected.Continue reading

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