Phew! Thank God its Friday (TGIF). We end this beautiful week with the concluding part of the post the New Wigs 10 Commandments. I hope you enjoy it. Lemme round off for the week (adjusts glasses). 

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6. Look Well Groomed and Well Fed

The saying about law being in the books ends in school. Your knowledge is very much in your appearance, dressing and comportment. People will first see and observe you before they hear you. That first impression matters. Your appearance shows your worth and that may determine what jobs people give you and how your services are priced. Look hungry or scruffy, honestly na only “two fighting” police station brief you go dey get. So the name of the game is packaging. You can beg, borrow or steal. Sorry that’s a slip; please don’t steal but just package well. Be an Oga Titus if need be, it’s for a good cause.

7. Learn new skills

University and law school just gave you 10% of all you need to be a successful lawyer. You gotta roll up your sleeves, dust up the books and read more. Learn more by attending conferences and seminars. Join professional associations. Broaden your horizon. Besides law and law related knowledge, attend mind coaching courses and others that would help your career growth. I have written about seminars or conferences and intend to create more awareness on such seminars especially when they are free or don’t cost much.

8. Be Broad Minded

Don’t settle for just the traditional everyday lawyer jobs. Dream dreams. Think up new concepts. Law is a fertile ground to feed and grow your imagination. I mean you have your youth. What you lack in experience, you make up in your abundance of youthful energy and creativity. Do not be afraid to chart new courses. Look at ICT and the largely unexplored legal aspect of it. Look at the drive for alternative energy sources and the legal aspects to it. You’ve just got to think up something!

9. Don’t be a noise maker

Yea! Am not trying to silence you but then let your actions speak louder than or even match your voice. Lawyers should be people of action and if your words are never backed up with action, no one will take you seriously. Guess you don’t understand. Simply put, don’t make empty threats or say things you cannot do. If all you do is make noise without action, you will only be taken as seriously as people take Femi Fani-Kayode. Lest I forget, he is a lawyer too.

10. Types of Clients to Avoid

Nah! Not the scammers, play them and beat them to their games. Avoid the free advice receivers. How do you know them, they would dangle you a carrot and ask for advice and thinking you are about to be briefed you divulge everything and they are gone. Lawyers have trade secrets too and keep your trade secrets personal.

The perpetual pro bono service receivers. I mean, there are people you will freely give to but not all the time. Once or twice is enough. Nobody gives out his goods for free perpetually.

The “do it my way type of client”. Don’t let them direct you on what to do because you are a rookie. Nothing destroys your confidence faster than a client who thinks you don’t know what to do and wants to teach you your job. You are not a policeman whom everyone teaches their job, so quit if you are not in control and the client won’t allow you take charge.

Hmmmm (yawns tiredly)! So thats the new wigs’ commandments. Obey these rules and other rules, and practice would be a ball and not “a pot of burnt beans and dodo”. Peace!

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