#1. It’s Free: Yea you heard right. You ain’t paying a farthing for this training. Not even a dime and you would agree with me that the knowledge to be gained is not quantifiable in small sums. I mean look at the array of speakers and seminar topics.

#2. It’s a day event: Like all the lectures and papers would be presented in one day and life continues the next day. You return to your dear files and continue from where you stopped. Very convenient if you ask me.

#3. CLE Points: The NBA’s CLE Committee has certified the seminar as a CLE event for the award of CLE points. So you have the chance to gain the minimum number of CLE learning hours and points from your attendance and unlike other CLE seminars and workshops, it comes at no cost.

#4. CLE Certificates: CLE Certificates of participation will be awarded to all participants. The Certificates are also free. You ain’t paying a dime for it.

#5. A Chance to Meet Eminent Members of the Bar/Bench: Yea! You cannot afford to miss that because these legal titans would not only tell you their success stories but would inspire you to achieve what they have achieved if not more.

#6. A Chance to get Mentors: Part of the goal of the YLF in organising the seminar and their other programmes is to create  avenues for mentorship of YLF members by the senior lawyers. In fact, the speakers would give out their contacts for anyone who wishes to have them as mentors for further interaction. The seminar would offer you that platform, so don’t miss out.

#7. A Chance to Learn More: I mean that is the main purpose of the event. Come and brush up your skills and knowledge on the latest trends in the profession. The knowledge gained will help you for life.

#8. For Networking: The seminar would offer you an opportunity to meet other colleagues in practice or in the corporate world. Come with your pack of complimentary cards. Meet people and get acquainted especially your mates. These professional relationships would come in handy someday if properly managed. So don’t miss this chance to network.

#9. Chance to Join YLF: You can also register for the membership of the YLF. You have always wanted to do that right? Just come with your passport photographs needed for filling the free membership forms. Yea! Registration is free. Membership is rewarding and the activities of the YLF very flexible.

#10. Other freebies: There are loads of them. Conference materials (guys I no mean that kain conference materials oh!), free medical tests and examinations (according to the flyers oh! But if you are sick in the body, go to the hospital. Please don’t come to the YLF Seminar for treatment oh!), and other free gifts from the sponsors. I recall that 2 of last year’s sponsors Law Pavilion and Legal Pedia gave all registered participants free trial subscriptions and discounts on their products afterwards.

So don’t miss the seminar for anything in the world. Just do anything to attend. You can call in sick at the office, write to the court for an adjournment or better still if you would be anywhere around Ikeja tomorrow, Thursday, 19th November 2015, just dash to the Ikeja Bar Centre adjacent to the Roseline Omotosho Court Complex for the seminar. It starts by 9 am. See you there!