Hmmmm! How time flies! In November 2014, history was made as I began what was Nigeria’s first website hosted blog on law and legal practice. My niche was also novel. The first law blog dedicated to young lawyers and new wigs to ease the challenges of their early post call years and share their experiences.

I remember my first post was in November 2014 but cannot remember the exact date as I had posted, deleted, edited and reposted my maiden blog post many times.

The response was overwhelming. In just a day, I had gotten over 70 page views and for a newbie that was encouraging. I had tested the waters with just one foot not both feet and the response was all I needed to fire on. More than one year after, I have averaged over 25, 000 page views, published close to 60 blog posts with over 80 comments.

How did I get here and where will I go from here?

Writing is my first love, law my life. Yeah! I could never ditch my first love despite the demands of post call practice and the pressure of my job. Writing has always been my get away from pressure and bad experience.  Writers live their lives, share their experiences and write their fantasies.

No matter your busy schedule or whatever excuse you have, writing like a dutiful wife awaits you, gently poking reminders at you. The ideas swim around your head and force you to put them down. You never know when you scribble them down.

So even when I get so busy and abandon blogging albeit for short periods, I am never at peace; a man’s heart is where his treasure lies. Peace comes from tapping on the laptop keyboard for my craft.

The road has not been smooth but then the bumps are not insurmountable. What I consider my greatest achievement in all these is my ability to make a difference so early in the profession. Blogging is slowly becoming the fad amongst lawyers.    

Many website hosted law blogs from Nigeria are trending on cyberspace. There used to be only Legalnaija Blawg but today, Legal Fido, Three Legals, Sisi Lawyer, the Nigeria Lawyer and many more are the toast of lawyers on the internet.

I have readers from all over Africa and some parts of the world I never believed folks from there would want to read some Nigerian rookie lawyer’s rants. A professor from Chicago once sent me a mail to encourage me and some E-books. I receive lots of mails from new wigs and some older lawyers.  I have become a mentor to many.

However, it’s not been all rosy and blissful. The idea was for new wigs to share ideas and learn from each other but I have been sharing my experience all by myself. The guest writers are just trickling in. I started the blog with a group of people in mind and they all promised to send in their stories and I have continued to wait.

Lawyers are very secretive too. They make enquiries via email and beg you not to publish and thus I answer one question many times which I could treat in one blog post and besides so many other people do not benefit from such exchanges. My comment feed is always empty but my email and social media is filled with reactions, comments and inquiries on blog post. These lawyers sef! Una own too much!

Blogging and “lawyering” is no beans but has been fun all the way. I am glad to be one of the drivers in the information super highway that have completely changed the world. My voice is heard and heard loud. Yours too can be heard. Buy your own website and start your blog.

Buy your own website and put your legal practice or business on the map. It’s easy and affordable to reach more people and be reached at the click of a button.

So my message still remains “start blogging!”

Postscript: We shall commence a series of posts to teach readers how to set up their own website hosted blog or website for their law practice or other ventures. This is in addition to our earlier post “Lawyers, Why Blog?”